Spiritual enlightenment, the eternal truth in the path of spiritual journey. All of the devotees [ Sadhu’s] , spiritual leaders is in worship , like a slave. They got imprisoned in the world.  They do believe fervently God is the lord of the world and all men are his subjects. Anyone refusing to pay the lord his due is swiftly  punished and  denied God’s mercy.

On the  journey of  spiritual , I have notice  Sadhu’s daily life style  since long days at their  Akhra Bari[ Sadhu’s own shelter place ] . Several times , I  visit at their  tiny beautiful solitary  cave house , it seems a little paradise , that’s  full of pleasure., which is emblem  a fascinating daily life portrait of Sadhu’s . Their daily works as like as Writing , singing ,  agriculture profession , prayerful life and others , I have seen close .  I have seen them intimately , such a sensitive & sober life of dedication and truth.

Still I am  searching  The Ultimate knowledge , The mystery of creation through  their daily life style.  Trying  to explore  Sadhu’s highly  developed imagination which been reflected in their daily  life .  This  is my ceaseless journey  of  spiritual  from the path of truth ……of the ultimate crossing .


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