Artist Statement

From capturing the thrilling sequence of a tiger being slaughtered by hundreds of people in Shatkhira, Bangladesh, to documenting urbun and rural social issues, Tushikur is a Photographer of great visuality.

After trevelling across Bangladesh for three years from 2005 to 2008 to document the variety of life, including people living in Sufic orders, and Tiger Widows, he settled in Dhaka the following year to enroll for a BA in Photography at Pathshala where he is currently studying.

In 2010, he started his project; a visual documentary entitled ‘Fatalistic Tendency’, concerned with depression resulting in violence. That year, he was also awarded the 3rd prize jury’s Award in the conceptual category of the prestigious ‘Viewbook Photostory’. The project was selected to be showcased at Chobi Mela VI, the sixth South Asian International Festival of Photography, ‘Delhi Photo Festival 2011’, ‘Look3 Festival 2011’. On 2011 he got selected as a finalist for the Burn magazine grant ‘EPF (Emerging Photographer Fund Grant)’  on the same year he got Slected as a finalist for the ‘WPO-World Photography Organization’ Student focus award 2011. He got nominated for Joop Swart Masterclass in 2012. Currently he is working on his latest project Boul- A Journey of Spiritual.

His work has been published in several international newspapers and books including Der Spiegel, Sunday Time Magazine, Punctum Magazine, Under the Banyan Trees and The daily Star and exhibited in Getty Image Gallery(London)-2011, SW1 Gallery(London)-2011, Sovereign Art Foundation(Hongkong)-2012, Somerset House(London)-2010

While a student, Tushikur has participated in various international workshops conducted by practitioners including Stuard Freedman, Peruvian curator Jorge Villacorta, Shannon Lee Castleman, Shohrab Hura, Shahidul Alam, Abir Abdullah and Munem Wasif.

Born In Bangladesh in 1987, he is now looking forward to continue his work on serious social issues which he believes are overlooked and neglected, with the aim of presenting them with greater intensity than before.


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