Aftermath of Cyclone Aila

These photos were taken in a village called ‘Gabura’ which was completely flooded as I saw after the cyclone. I was a first year student of photojournalism at that time but I was not there to make a photo story, for me it was more important to be a witness of the tragedy occurred there, Shatkhira, Bangladesh 2009.

Cyclone Aila began as a disturbance on May 21 in the Bay of Bengal, strengthening quickly to a Tropical Cyclone with windspeeds gusting up to 120 km/h (75 mph). Aila made landfall soon after, bringing heavy rains, wind, and an enormous storm surge of seawater that pushed inland, damaging or destroying hundreds of thousands of homes in Bangladesh, India and Myanmar. Over 300 people are confirmed to have died, with more than 8,000 missing.  According to the Associated Press, some 2.3 million people were affected by Aila.



A bench

Looking at some old photos and found this photo from a trip I made few years ago. At that time I was more fascinated about taking portraits on the street but I liked this photo. Bagerhaat, Bangladesh.

Rokeya Begum

I grew up in my grandmothers home as my parents were living abroad. My grandmother ‘Rokeya Begum’ took care of everything. I was scared about sleeping alone in a room, She used to sleep with me and wake me up in the morning for school. Now she is 70 years old and living with her younger son. She can barely see and recognize people. Spents most of her time alone in the apartment. I was given an assignment from my school to take photos of a person who is close to you. And I presented these photos.

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